Our Product

  • Miniature multi-frequency multi-constellations GNSS receiver characterized by high precision and high reliability for mass-market users and applications
  • Equipped with 32-bit RISC-V application MCU,  embedded Flash and variety of peripherals
  • Dedicated SDK for straightforward user application development. No need for additional embedded MCU

Our Value Proposition



  • Differentiators:
    • High Accuracy
    • High Integration
    • Powerful Signal Processing
    • Application Processor
    • Programmable
    • Low Power
    • Lower Price
    • Design Made In Europe
  • Key Benefits:
    • Precise positioning
    • Small size, decreased weight
    • Shortest possible TTFF
    • No additional processor needed
    • Flexibility
    • Longer product life, smaller battery
    • Fits also lower cost applications
    • Security (no backdoor possible)
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Evaluation Kit

  • GNSS board with NaviSoC receiver
  • USB connector for easy connectivity
  • Passive or active antenna (SMA connector)
  • Eclipse-based IDE for Windows and Linux
  • Real-time display via USB interface

Evaluation Application

  • Windows and MacOS support

 NaviSoC offer



  • Silicon
  •  Module

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